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The Very Best Fiber Crackers … Never Stop Making Them

GG crackers are the absolute staple of my high fiber diet. I generally eat 2 packs (20 crackers) a day (almost always with cheese on top) and take packs with me wherever I travel. They are the very best crackers and I hope you never stop making them. Elizabeth W. in Florida Submitted October 2006    […]

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“Perfect Cracker for Using with Dips”

These are the perfect crackers for using with dips (cheese, artichoke, spinach, etc.). I love them and they have low net carbs!!! Carol in Wyoming Submitted October 15, 2006 We are proud to announce our newest product, “GG Bran Crispbread Sprinkles” a crushed version of our GG Bran Crispbread Crackers. Share This Post!

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On My Regular Shopping List

I didn’t know what to expect. I use to eat crisp bread but the carbs are a little higher. Now that I found this product it will be on my regular shopping list. I ordered 3 packs of this stuff. It has a pleasant and the same time rich flavor. I can eat it plain […]

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My Family is Truly Enjoying This Low Carb Cracker

It’s wonderful to be able to have crackers with spread and cheese again (low carb diet). We like the crunchy texture and are filled up quickly. The cracker, on it’s own, does not have much taste – so you will enjoy it more if you have something to go with it. But it does feel […]

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Carbs Come from Fiber

These are the perfect crunchy base for sliced cheddar cheese. They have a nice flavor and texture and are filling. Since their carbs come from fiber, they don’t raise my BGL at all. These crackers are a great diabetic snack. Darlene in Oregon Submitted September 30, 2006 We are proud to announce our newest product, […]

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