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GG is a blogger’s dream

For those of you who enjoy getting honest product reviews of healthy and natural foods check out: The lovely 22-year-old college grad, Julie has a very informative (and often funny) blog about losing weight, her exercise regimine, and gives very thorough and honest reviews about a barrage of products, complete with action shots!  She […]

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Storing GG in the Summer Months

GG is an effective weight-loss tool due to its qualities of absorption with moisture. With that tendency to draw moisture comes one drawback; The rapidly approaching humid summer months can cause the crackers to lose a bit of their crisp quality. We strongly recommend that you store both the crackers and Sprinkle in the refridgerator or freezer, to assure […]

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Fat to Skinny – Lose Weight Fast

Are you ready to lose weight FAST and EASY? GG Bran Crispbread and author Doug Varrieur can show you the way! This book has a 100% reader success rate and has been called “The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written”. FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy and GG Bran Crispbread have helped readers in over […]

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