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Greek “GG BranEgg” Salad

Ingredients: • 2 GG Bran Crispbreads • 2 eggs • 1 small red onion,1 small tomato • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt • salt/pepper to taste Preparation Directions: Hard boil 2 eggs (10 min) Allow to cool, then,peel, dice set aside. Dice 1 small red onion,1 small tomato (seeds removed)add to small bowl along with […]

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Fiber Oats!

Ingredients: • 1/2 C dry instant oats • 1/4 C bran sprinkles/or 2-3 bran crackers crumbled • 1 T Chia Seeds • 1 T Ground Flax Seeds • 1/2 C diced fruit (dried apples, berries, banana, etc.) • Vanilla, cinnamon, maple, and stevia to taste! Preparation Directions: Mix all ingredients in a bowl to combine […]

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Brancrisp Egg Bake

8 brancrisp crackers laid on the bottom of pam-sprayed pan 8 brancrisp crackers broken into small pieces Vegetables of choice – I like broccoli, peppers, onions, asparagus, etc.  sautéed until tender 1/3 bottle Walden Farms Scampi sauce 2 T Dijon mustard (or more to taste) 4 eggs + 12 egg whites (I use the pure […]

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