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It all started 7 months ago as my very own science experiment to see if I could lose a dress size in 14 days.  My nutritionist promised me a diet that was high protein with no carbs.  Lots of eggs, milk, whey protein isolate and chicken breasts but I never told my nutritionist that I was keeping my Brancrisps in the diet.  I did not write them down in my food diary as I only needed 1-2 crisps a day to work me off of carbs and feel satisfied.

What did I have to lose? In 2 weeks, I was a dress size smaller and in 7 months, instead of a size 14– I am now a size 2 !  I have lost 5o pounds and am still on a low carb regimen for life. This way of eating has me craving spinach, hard boiled eggs and GG Brancrisps when I want to feel good and not cheat on my diet.

Being an avid cook, I have found several ways to incorporate Brancrisps into a small, nutritious snack with veggies or just eating them plain knowing that I am not going to overdo it and feel guilty for the rest of the day.

I have introduced friends,family and coworkers to the brancrisps and they all like the product.  There is always a nutritious alternative to any lifestyle or diet and GG Brancrisps will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life.


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