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The Crackers that helped me lose 217 pounds

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Here is a funny thing. I have been trying to write to you for over a year, and I did not know how, nor did I know how to get in touch with you. For some time, I would get a answering machine each time I called! I am not writing this to win the prize. I will always buy your product. I am doing this to tell you thank you!

My name is Tony Posnanski, and a year ago, I weighed 420 pounds. I had numbness in my arms, I could barely fit in my car, going to the bathroom was a chore, and I had to drive over an hour to buy my 5xl shirts and size 60 pants.

I finally got scared that I would die. My doctor told me I needed to get gastric surgery. I knew there was another way!

So, I decided to lose weight on my own. I joined Weight Watchers at first, and it was great. They do everything on a point system, so I had to control my portions. Here was my fear though, what is later my portions got larger and larger. Then I would be over 500 pounds, or worse, I would be dead!

Then, I read a book by Tanya Zuckerbrat called “The F Factor”. She wrote about how adding fiber in your diet could change your life. Well, it changed mine! I read about the crackers in the book, and I went out and bought some. I feel in love with them the first time I bit into one.

Now, after a year, through fitness and a very healthy diet, I have lost over 200 pounds, 217.4 to be exact. The GG Crackers are a HUGE part of my life. I but a case every month, and when i run out, I go to Whole Foods or a store called Chamberlain’s to get them! I have so many different uses for them, like melting FF cheese on them, dipping them in salsa, spraying them with spray-butter, or putting them in FF French Onion soup.

I also blog at The Anti-Jared  so you can see my progress.I tried to put pictures on here, but was not able to ( As I said, this is just a snapshot of my journey. I just wanted to tell you and your company thank you for everythiing you have done.Please do not put me in the contest, this is just to tell you how awesome your cracker is! I will always be a big fan!!!

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3 Responses to “The Crackers that helped me lose 217 pounds”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Tony: What an absolutely amazing accomplishment! Congratulations! I can’t tell you how inspiring your story is. I know many of our other GG customers will be extremely interested to read your story.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, and do explore our website further for more ideas on how to enjoy GG.

    Would you email me the photos you tried to post? I will see if our webmaster can post them somewhere on here.

    Thanks so very much!


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